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Deanna Templeton

Deanna Templeton

Deanna Templeton has always shot photos. Her mother bought her a Cannon T - 90 for coming back home after running away. She was 15. That camera got stolen from her luggage on her way back from Mexico in 1987. She stopped for 3 years. When she was 21, she got a Yashica point and shoot. She shot so much, that I got her a Cannon AE - 1 for Christmas one year. She now has a whole bevy of cameras to choose from, and seems to always have one with her. Looking at her photographs is like knowing her. Photographs say as much about the person behind the lens as it does about the subject. There are choices involved that reveal the sensibilities of the creator. In Deanna’s you see an eye to the feminine experience—the cracks that are forming in that false persona of being a girl in this day and age. She explores what being a child, or a woman feels like today. She gets inside the migrant workers and little ironies on the street that passes us by without a thought usually. The photos leave you with more questions than answers, like good art should. – Ed Templeton

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