Beyond Borders | Allegra Ream

What do you do for work?

That's been a habitually difficult question for me to answer. Besides modeling with my agencies and producing, I have my hands in a few projects and companies ;) working in silence works for me and it's funny to keep people guesing. It's a vibe.

Where did you take these images/what inspired your concept?

These images were taken in France, Morocco, and Spain. I wanted to incorporate polarity in the locations we shot to emulate RVCA's identity. I value balace in the opposite. A bustling city in France to a protected Medina in North Africa, to a sleepy beach town in Spain.

What is your fave spot that inspired creativity?

Places with a lot of history. I love areas of France and Italy. But I also adore Ukraine and Eastern European culture. It's relatable to me, there is a certain rawness I value. Additionally, I find it mind blowing that I've walked down the same streets we read about in history books. Streets that have felt the touch of many, seen revolutions, and have still lasted.

Where do you like to travel?

Anywhere with a decent music scene, banging gastronomy, and fast cars. Bonne vibing.

What is your favorite part about traveling?

It's the fleeting moments for me. Immersing myself in a completely different environment and keeping a mental ledger of all of the new norms I want to observe in my day to day.

What inspires you?

I find inspiration in almost everything-- sounds, literature, conversation, and sometimes just the essence of a person. I credit traveling as a catalyst to those sources of inspiration because I constantly change the environments I am in. Luckily my work allows for that intricacy and I am very thankful to be habitually inspired.

What do you love about each place you traveled to?

Each place is different. Sometimes it's a whole culture, sometimes it's an environment, occasionally it's solely gastronomy, other times it's the people and rituals. In Morocco, I love the sounds, colors, and smells. There are five prayer times in Marrakech a day, and each has a specific window of time that it is sounded by a song that is blasted throughout the city (the first time I went in 2012 it was daunting). Marrakech is built of beautiful warm colored buildings, beautiful pools, and a main square that is filled with chaos and music. I like taking it all in and getting lost in it.

What do you like about RVCA?

I value how effortless and community oriented RVCA has been throughout the years. Even traveling back and forth from Hawai'i to France, it was kind of a familiar feeling connecting with others in the RVCA community. It feels inviting and I appreciate that wholesomeness.